SEO Best Practices Video

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SEO Best Practices Video


What's Working in SEO in 2018 Good, better, best. Words all used to describe the more excellent things in life. There's a good bottle of Chardonnay, a better option and then, perched atop the mountain of all white wines, lies "the best" bottle of Chardonnay. SEO on your website isn't much different, although I've never heard of [...]

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What’s Working in SEO in 2018


What's Working in SEO in 2018 Tthe old adage, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." has led many a site owner down a long painful path of watching their traffic dry-up because of this inactive mindset. In contrast, when it comes to anything dependent upon Google Search,  a better mantra would be "Pay's [...]

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Our New Marketing Domain

2018-02-15T17:49:21+00:00 We're extremely pleased to release our new website and domain name. That's right, is the new home for Four Step Marketing Consultants and all of our future marketing endeavors. In 2016, we were presented with the opportunity to purchase the domain and knew that it would be perfect for our future and [...]

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The Four Step Marketing Blueprint


FSMC New Book Release We're very pleased to release our first book, The Four Step Marketing Blueprint. For the last seven years, we've carefully tested and tweaked the Four Step Marketing process on our own business and with countless clients as well. We're delighted to have this book in print and can't wait [...]

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