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By Matt Law

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The Four Step Marketing Blueprint

The Marketing Guide Your Competition Hopes You’ll Never Find

We’ve been brainwashed! The mega ad agencies, guru marketing consultants, and giant advertising networks have concluded that the problem is us. We haven’t given the marketing enough time. They’ve told us we’re not spending enough money to see substantial results. They’ve fed us bogus reports about website hits, social followers, and other unimportant data that doesn’t matter. The cost of marketing continues to rise while its effectiveness and ROI continue to decline. Most companies have responded by banging loudly on their marketing pots and pans in hopes of getting noticed. However, the problem remains. As our world becomes more digital, the marketing noise keeps getting louder.

It’s time to think differently and stop spinning our marketing wheels acting like everyone else. It’s time to stop making noise just to get new customers’ attention. Success will never be found by just “getting our names out there.” In fact, most businesses could cut half of their marketing budgets without skipping a beat. The truth is, you don’t need to hire more salespeople. You don’t need more social followers. You don’t even need more website traffic! What you need is a blueprint— a simple plan of action for your business. It’s time to focus your message and do marketing that matters.

This short book outlines the four critical components of every successful marketing strategy. As you read, you’ll suddenly realize there are businesses all around you applying these principles. They’re quietly dominating their industries and are expanding at breakneck speed. Despite their success and how logical the Four Step Marketing process may be, most companies completely ignore all four of these timeless principles. Regardless of any preconceived ideas or what you’ve heard, you’re sure to be challenged by this book. Written by an experienced team of entrepreneurial marketing executives, this fluff-free guide concisely outlines a refreshingly new and straight-forward approach to marketing. With less than 14,000 words, it’s the perfect little book for the busy entrepreneur or business leader looking for clarity and a winning strategy. In about an hour, you’ll learn about the Four Step Marketing strategy and see why companies who follow these steps become unstoppable. Decide for yourself. Are you following or completely ignoring the Four Step Marketing process?

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Marketing Consultants Blueprint
  • Unique Selling Points – What they are and why you need them

  • Platforms & Offers – Why you need to build a database today

  • The Marketing Arsenal – Get more results by measuring everything

  • Marketing Automation – How to turn follow-up and sales on autopilot

A great book for anyone looking to drive their business forward and grow. Well written and very easy to read.

T Williams, Amazon Review

Matt gets straight to the point. If you want to grow your business this is a must-read.

R Tanner, Amazon Review

It’s direct and to the point. No hype. No stories to sell you. Just apply the info and see what happens.

Kindle Customer, Amazon Review

Thank you Matt for a clear and concise message that will be a game changer not only for my company but for anyone who reads this book and puts these principles into action.

T Berenberg, Amazon Review

This has been the shortest but most educational read with regards to the full scope of Marketing that I have ever purchased. I highly recommend this awesome book to anyone in the Marketing industry.

R Castro, Amazon Review

Great content! Every business owner should read this!

P Lizarzaburu, Amazon Review

A must read for any business owner planning an internet marketing campaign. An excellent and incredibly informative introduction to Four Step Marketing, in an easy to read and understand format.

T K, Amazon Review

Absolutely loved the book! I think these consultants are a smart group! I have been in digital marketing for over 15 years and this is the first time the key aspects to succeed in marketing campaigns are so well articulated and explained in 4 easy to follow steps.

Vincenzo, Amazon Review

A must read for any business owner planning an internet marketing campaign. An excellent and incredibly informative introduction to Four Step Marketing, in an easy to read and understand format.

T K, Amazon Review

Great ideas that I plan to use in my business. This book gets to the heart of the matter focussing on the most important parts of marketing that will lead to a more profitable business.

Kent, Amazon Review

I like the straightforward and informative but short approach! Easy to read and has an easy to follow format. Great And educational read!

B Harrison, Amazon Review

Any skeptics of Four Step Marketing should look into the author, Matt Law’s success and that of the FSMC Community, in using Four Step Marketing.

R Woodruff, Amazon Review

I’ve already read this book multiple times and have full intention to put the concept to work. I’m pumped and can’t wait to do what this book says!

Scott W, Amazon Review

Amazing! So much content in such a short read! No trudging through endless pages of filler to get to the heart of the matter with this book. This really is a blueprint of a method that is simple yet very profound.

Ronald E, Amazon Review
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