New Domain for FSMC & LMS Internet

|Our New Marketing Domain

We’re extremely pleased to release our new website and domain name. That’s right, is the new home for Four Step Marketing Consultants and all of our future marketing endeavors. In 2016, we were presented with the opportunity to purchase the domain and knew that it would be perfect for our future and vision. This has been a big project for our company. For starters,  we implemented our student membership and billing system in late 2017. In 2018, we’ll be moving the remainder of our content over to this website completing the final migration.


In October of 2017, our team and investors agreed that we should consolidate the two companies under the unified brand of Four Step Marketing Consultants and the domain of We’ll be slowly migrating our content and clients from LMS Internet (previous corporation) and integrating everything into FSMC. We will continue to move forward serving both business clients and our students and be providing the same training and marketing services.

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