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What's Working in SEO in 2018

|SEO Best Practices Video

What’s Working in SEO in 2018

Good, better, best. Words all used to describe the more excellent things in life. There’s a good bottle of Chardonnay, a better option and then, perched atop the mountain of all white wines, lies “the best” bottle of Chardonnay. SEO on your website isn’t much different, although I’ve never heard of anyone classifying SEO as one of the “more excellent things in life.”

The point is that there is a “best” version of just about everything, especially processes. There is the best way to swing a golf club, there is the best way to ride a horse and yes, there is the best way to optimize your website. So, if you desire to see the best results, you have to employ the best methods or best practices.

With SEO, if you want to see measurable results (traffic that converts into leads or sales), you must adopt an SEO strategy built upon the solid rock of SEO BEST-practices. If you violate the rules of best-practice SEO, you may expose your business to severe risks like Google search penalty, loss of conversions or declining sales.

In January’s video, Mike and Matt discuss industry best practices for SEO and how you can apply them to your website’s SEO efforts. If you’re interested in learning more about how Four Step Marketing Consultants can help your business grow, contact us here.

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