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The Inside Scoop on Four Step Marketing Consultants Training

Four Step Marketing Consultants (FSMC) Training is an intense training/licensing program for entrepreneurs who are interested in starting their own marketing company. We teach our students how to help other businesses and non-profit organizations grow using our proprietary Four Step Marketing approach.  During our training, we teach the principles that we have used in this business to allow many of our clients to double or triple their sales.  The training program not only teaches the principles of Four Step Marketing, but we also go into great detail for the systems required to run this unique business.

What You’ll Learn

We’ve trained many highly successful marketing consultants and know exactly what you’ll need to learn to be successful. The FSMC training program is handled by marketing expert Matt Law and his team of marketing gurus so you’ll be learning from marketing experts who have been in the trenches.

Here is a brief list of topics that are covered when you’re trained as a Four Step Marketing Consultant. However, this list only scratches the surface. We strongly encourage our prospective consultants to request your Free Book & DVD to learn more about becoming a licensed Four Step Marketing Consultant.

 The Four Steps

  • Say the right thing with your Unique Selling Point
  • Generate Leads using Platforms and Offers
  • Measure and Leverage the Marketing Arsenal
  • Automate your Follow-up with Marketing Automation

Skills You’ll Understand

Through our interactive training, you’ll quickly learn the foundations of content marketing, social media, video marketing, mobile applications, search engine optimization, and PPC marketing.

The FSMC training program is continually updated with the latest information and best practices in digital marketing.

Other Training Topics

At FSMC, we do more than just teach you marketing. We’ll also show you how to run the business. Even if you have limited technical ability, we’ll show you how to staff your business with developers and designers. We’ll teach you how to make your business virtual using the latest technology for cloud-based business operations. Our program covers phone set-up, email set-up, and a complete list of tools to tackle any project you might face.

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