Bonus Training Video – The War of Art

|Bonus Training Video – The War of Art

As an entrepreneur and teacher, I believe that it is important that I continue to grow and sharpen myself. Each quarter, I share a new book with my marketing students to read and ponder. These books often are about marketing and business. However, sometimes we study books that motivate us. Recently, we studied The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. In today’s post, I’ll share my review of this book and some of the biggest reasons why people either succeed or fail in business.

Before you pick up a copy of this book or watch my bonus training video below, I need to share a couple of important points with you. First of all, this book isn’t really a business book. It also has some rough language in it. Yes, even the F-bomb. Lastly, you’ll find Steven Pressfield to be edgy and a bit mystical. If you’re wondering why I selected the book for our community and why I’m sharing it with you today, it’s because the principles of this book are powerful and will change your life if you let them.

I read The War of Art about five years ago. I was really struggling at the time and felt like I wasn’t making any progress in my life. I was a constant procrastinator and distracted by so many unimportant things. It seemed like I was going around the mountain again and again. When I read this book, it lit a fire under my butt and I realized I needed to make some changes. Looking back, I realize how much of a Godsend that book really was. The changes I’ve made in my life weren’t instant. More than anything, after reading the book I became more aware of my purpose and how important it was that I remained focused and did my work.

When I look at my students and businesses I serve as a marketing consultant, I see some that are extremely successful. I also see others that struggle. What is the common denominator? Why are some ultra successful and others barely getting by? This book is part of that equation. It is for that reason, I hope you watch the video below and pick up a copy of the book.

Finally, we’re very close to releasing some very big changes for our business model. I’ve actually been working on these improvements for almost a full year. They range from a better training facility to improved resources for our students and clients. Some of these are game changers. In my heart, I know the improvements are nothing short of amazing and I’m so excited about all the things happening! They will dramatically improve our business and I believe it will allow our students to reach six figure incomes even faster. Additionally, it will allow our marketing clients to grow faster and give them a clear picture of what we expect and what we’re doing to help them grow. The fruit of our hard work will yield huge results, but not just in our lives, but also in the students and clients we serve. I’m sharing this not to brag, but because it is a principle in The War of Art. With entrepreneurship, payday doesn’t come every Friday. You do your work because your work is a reward in itself.


The War of Art

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