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A Few Reasons FSMC Consultant Training Might Be for You!

So you like helping people but you’re not sure if you can start a marketing business, right?  Read on and you might be surprised! Marketing is in HIGH DEMAND and the Four Step Marketing Consultants’ training programs help you learn the ropes with our systematic training approach.  We’ll cover everything from website design, SEO, and mobile marketing, to building a TV commercial.  But here is the KICKER – our business owners DON’T do the technical work!  They simply manage their teams and run their company.

  • Extremely Low Overhead – Your marketing agency can be fully functional with just a few hundred dollars per month.

  • High Demand for Services – With over 29 million small businesses in the USA alone, there is an incredible demand for marketers.

  • Incredible Margins – Most services that you can provide have margins as high as 75%.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg! When you learn the Four Step Marketing model, you’ll see how we’ve been able to help companies grow by as much as 400% using our marketing process. There is NOTHING like the feeling of helping an organization grow and getting paid handsomely to do so.

Real Training – No Hype!

No, we are not selling FRANCHISES!  We are a training and licensing organization that is passionate about helping people get started with their own virtual marketing agency!  Our founder Matt Law’s goal is to build a network of marketing consultants who run and operate their own businesses as successful marketing consultants. We provide high-level training and coaching for those interested in starting a business and living the kind of lifestyle that FSMC can provide. When you work with FSMC, you’ll receive world-class training and an incredible business model.

  • Low Monthly Overhead
  • Affordable Training Options
  • 100% Financing Available
  • On-Location or Live-Stream Training Options
  • Systematic Step-by-Step Business Set-up Checklists
  • Detailed Marketing Plans for Your Business
  • No Marketing Experience Required
  • ZERO Royalty FEES
  • White Label World Class Marketing Tools
  • Options for ongoing Support and Coaching

Yes, FSMC provides the tools, support, and a path to help you grow your own company. Our philosophy is simple. We want you to succeed in life and business. We’re passionate innovators and provide the step-by-step roadmap to help you live the kind of life you’re dreaming of living!

You’ll Love the Flexibility

Work WHEN and WHERE you want to…

The FSMC business model isn’t about high overhead… No, you don’t need a big fancy office, or for that matter an office at all!  Our model is about leverage!  Leverage the power of the internet and the global community of marketers.  We desire that our Four Step Marketing Consultants experience the ultimate flexibility to work when and where they want to work, so we’ve created some fantastic training to help you live the way you want to live.

  • Work anytime or anywhere to manage your marketing company!
  • No Brick and Mortar office required!
  • Start part time and grow your company!
  • Cloud-based phone, email, and tools so you can work anywhere!

Our consultants love our model because it allows them FREEDOM with their time!  Most of our consultants can work at their leisure, without a set schedule of hours of when they have to be in the office.  This flexibility allows our consultants to spend more time doing what they love doing and spending time with the people they love!

If you’re just a little bit interested, then you’ve got to take the next step.  Request our FREE DVD and Book to get started and learn more about our business model today!

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