Four Step Marketing Consultants Success Rate

|Four Step Marketing Consultants Success Rate


Sometimes people ask us what our Four Step Marketing Consultants success rate is.  While we’re not batting 1000, I know we’re doing an excellent job of training our students and helping them get set up.  Like in everything, success is about drive, hard work, and following the plan.  Last year we surveyed our consultants and learned that the number of students who go on to complete their business set-up was over 85%.  That means almost 9/10 completed the steps we provided and opened their businesses.

It is kind of interesting that some of the people came to learn more about starting a company.  However, after showing up and learning about marketing, they decided to invest their learning into existing companies they already owned.  One of the guys who didn’t get set up was a pool builder who doubled his revenues!  While he never did get his consulting business off the ground, he isn’t upset about coming to training.  HE DOUBLED HIS SALES!  WOW RIGHT?

Also, some of our students ended up taking some serious six-figure jobs.  I know of at least two that are banking big bucks – they decided to consult for a while BUT GOT BIG JOB OFFERS.  Because of their training and the influence FSMC has on our their professional lives, they were able to land these jobs.  Both of these students gave me many thanks for the training and are very happy they joined us.  While the corporate world isn’t for me, these guys are happy.

So, when I say 85% set-up rate, it is really higher.  We even had a couple of multi-millionaires decide to join us and they just learned and never set anything up!  🙂  That’s OK with me, but I wondered why they came to the training… just to learn I guess?

Stories of Success – Actually, too many to count.  More than forty students have shared with me about deals that they have.  That is well over 50%.  Some for $500 and others as high as $320K.  Yes, over $300,000 in one deal.

Hate Mail – Some people ask me about hate mail and if I get it.  Yes, I do, but not from anyone who’s attended the training.  It is pretty black and white and there isn’t anyone in their right mind who can say this doesn’t work.  The truth is, it does work, but you have to work it!  The only hate mail I’ve received is from people who look at my websites and offerings and hate me just because I’m offering the training.  Really it doesn’t bother me though.  The first few emails I received when we first opened the training up got me down, but now I just delete those nasty emails.   We’ve helped so many people become successful that I can’t feel bad about what we’re doing.

Should You Join Us for Training? – Honestly, that isn’t a question I can answer for you.  All I can say is that we’re really transparent.  I want people to join us who are excited about this business, passionate about it, and ready to set the world on fire with good marketing!  Is that you?  I don’t know, but I know we’ll be here whenever you’re ready to give us a try!  Thanks for reading the FSMC blog.  If you’ve got a question, let us know. We’re happy to help!