Four Step Marketing Consultants Training Pricing

|Four Step Marketing Consultants Training Pricing


I get a lot of emails about the pricing of the FSMC training program.  Some complain that it is TOO expensive and I’ve had others who tell me that they can’t believe I’m giving all this away for so little. In today’s post, I’ll share a bit about how we came up with the pricing model.  I’ll also answer a few questions I often get about FSMC and why Sarah and I do things the way we do.

1. The Ebook Pricing Model

The first group of people I get is the people who want an “ebook” and a “video” to purchase to learn this business.  However, this is not feasible.  Our training is 40 hours long – do you know how many DVDs and EBOOKS that would take?  Additionally, the material is always changing based on what works. So, if I did make DVDs, ebooks, and compiled all the materials for FSMC together –  how much would you pay for a seven hundred page manual, 40+ DVDs, business books, and all the other resources?  The Answer – More than it costs for what we offer.  We will NEVER – and I MEAN – NEVER EVER, EVER sell DVDs or Ebooks with the training. Honestly, it wouldn’t be fair to you!

I have been training consultants since 2011, and I know what it takes for consultants to see success and hit six figures. You cannot learn this business model from an EBOOK or by taking a quick study course!  We now have multiple options to help train people and our pricing is way more than fair.

2. Can I Get a Discount, Matt?

The second email I get is asking if they can come for FREE or for a MAJOR DISCOUNT.  The answer in most cases will be no. In the past, I would hear a sad story and let a student come for a significant discount. My answer now is, “save your money.” If you can’t save a few dollars a week for the training, then honestly, you probably can’t run a business.  It sounds hard, but it is the truth!  I’ve even let people come for FREE and I would later find out they had loads of cash in savings but didn’t want to use it. I’m talking hundreds of thousands in savings… but wanted a discount!  In short, if you can’t afford the training, then you probably can’t afford to run this business. That said, we do have a special program for people in full-time ministry or for those who work for a non-profit full time but receive “part-time” pay. This is our scholarship program and it requires an application. It does offer up to a 50% discount for certain individuals. Remember, you will still need money to run a business.  Keep saving friends!

3. Understanding Intellectual Pricing

If you were to hire a guy to research this industry to figure out what worked and what didn’t, and to give you an exact blueprint and system, how much do you think that would cost?  Remember, this would take him several years to put together, and this guy would spend probably tens of thousands of dollars of his own money to make the mistakes for you. After all the research was complete, he would then need to invest a ton of one-on-one time with you to train you.

Some people get upset that I sell the information, but they have no idea how much work and effort it took to build a world-class training program like FSMC. When I consult with business owners, I charge them $200+ per hour. When you consider all that we put into our training program and how much we offer, you’ll quickly realize that it is a considerable time and money saver!

4. The Business in a BOX

Yes, we use the Four Step Marketing process for our training program. Our marketing works and our classes are always FULL. Why? Because what I’ll teach you to do not only works for our company but will work for your clients and your business!  We deliver a blueprint of the steps to take, the tools to use, and do it in WORLD CLASS FASHION. I’ll tell you that 99.9% of everyone who comes to training is SO happy they came, they hug us when they leave and wish the week could go on longer. I am not saying this to be cocky; really, our heart is to help people win in business.

Closing thoughts? Here’s a couple! When you look at the pricing for the program and you consider these things, you either have to decide that FSMC is either a fit for you or it isn’t. This post might sound a little harsh… it isn’t meant to be. Starting a business is a big deal and takes a lot of work and effort.  I realize that this isn’t for everyone.  We are building an ELITE team of consultants who will change the way the world and non-profits market. We’re excited about our vision which has both earthly and eternal ramifications.

P.S. – Where’s the Pricing? Please note that in 2015 we modified the program so that there are now two training options available. Approval is based upon the application of the consultant. Upon completing the application, you’ll see the pricing and an overview of your training options.