Four Step Marketing Consultants Training Program

|Four Step Marketing Consultants Training Program

I thought I would start off by introducing myself and share for a moment why we started Four Step Marketing Consultants.  Obviously, we profit when someone signs up to join for mentoring. Yes, this is a pretty good thing, but you probably don’t realize that the money isn’t our primary purpose.

My wife Sarah and I have always believed that God would one day use us to help others. I didn’t realize that it was to be called Four Step Marketing until a few years ago. I was driving home from a consulting gig in Sarasota, FL.  We had just shared some strategic marketing advice that was going to help this company EXPLODE! They thanked us and were so gracious. I could see that the owner of the business was pretty excited to watch his revenues grow… but I left feeling pretty sad. On the way home, I felt like businesses understood good marketing, but non-profits didn’t.

It was at that time I started dreaming about how we could help non-profits. It was also at this time that I was being bombarded with folks asking me what I did for a living. My schedule was ultra-flexible, and Sarah and I were making well over six figures working from home. It was then that I decided I would train people to use the Four Step Marketing process and run their own businesses. However, I didn’t realize that these people I trained could pay it forward!  Part of our training is to share the vision of how Four Step Marketing can be used to help the local church and non-profit organizations prosper.

Never in a million years did I think we would have come this far in such a short time.  But it gets me excited still!

Our next training is coming up soon!  We have people coming all the way from Alaska!  I am blessed to be a part of these peoples’ lives and share with them what I found.  I know that because they will prosper, they will be able to help others to prosper as well.