Joining the Apple Cult – Part 1

|Joining the Apple Cult – Part 1


As a marketing consultant and CEO, I use computers all day long. I have desktop systems with dual monitors at home and at my office. When I’m working on the couch or at a coffee shop, I have a laptop. What most people don’t realize is that I was very late learning computers. I purchased my first computer in 1999, Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition. Remember that? Because I get so many questions about the technology we use here at LMS, I’ve decided to start off by sharing how I joined the Apple cult. Yes, I’m one of those guys now. And yes, I already know that Apple isn’t perfect. I also know that because I’m using Apple, I’m spending more on computers and IT. In today’s post I’ll share why we’re happy to pay more for Apple products and why I’ll probably never go back. 


Me? Buy Apple Products? Never!

I started to see how important computers were back in 2001 when I opened my first company. Through 2014, I was a heavy Windows user. I’ve had 7 or 8 Windows laptops and at least 5 Windows desktops. Most of these computers were purchased for our company from Dell. In regards to having a cell phone with data on it, I’ve used just about everything, including Windows, Blackberry, and Google’s Android phones. For me, technology products were something that you didn’t keep or love. You simply used them until something better was available or they died.

Let me just say that I was an Apple hater, a cynic, if you will. If I was sitting at  Starbucks and someone was using their Macbook, I’d roll my eyes and be critical inside. Obviously they didn’t realize how much they overpaid for their computer. To me, Apple was a hippy cult, and I had no intention of drinking the Kool Aid! I didn’t want to join this snooty group of tech users, not today, not in a million years. I looked down at my Windows 7 computer and Android phone and thought I was happy. After all, I could buy 4 laptops for what they paid for their computer.


The Straw that Broke the Camel’s Back

In the Summer of 2013, I had a fairly new Android device. One night, Verizon pushed a system update to my phone. This dumb update slowed my phone down to the point I wanted to throw it up against the wall. I had gone through four Android phones in four years and I wasn’t happy. While the widgets were cool, I really just wanted to be able to check my email account quickly. Every Android phone I had always started off great. But when apps were added and updates came, it would begin to freeze up so much that I couldn’t even check my email or make a phone call. Out of frustration and resentment, I purchase my first Apple products in August of 2013, an iPhone 5 and iPad Mini. I was still skeptical, but I was sick and tired of smart phones that didn’t work correctly.

Being brand new to Apple, I was anxious to see how my new devices would work. To my surprise they worked awesomely! No issues at all compared to my Android devices. When I clicked my email app, the email appeared. When I dialed a phone number, my phone called without a 30 second delay. Finally something just worked correctly! After six months, everything was still working great. After a year, still no issues! It has been over two years now, and my nephew is still using my old iPhone 5. My iPad is still in use without any issues. I added an Apple TV to our house and replaced my Roku. Maybe there was something to this Apple thing?

It was around the same time, I was hearing about the Windows 8 upgrade and all the issues that came with it. People were upset because there wasn’t a START button. Another software upgrade from Microsoft and something new I’d have to learn. Because I was so impressed with how my new Apple iPhone was working, I decided that maybe I’d purchase a Mac Mini for home use and see if it would be easy to learn and use. Little did I know, starting to use Mac computers would make a huge difference in my productivity and uptime!


Holy Cow! The Apple Cult Was Right!

Nobody likes to admit they were blind. Nobody likes saying they were ignorant. But let me just tell you that I was blind and ignorant. I judged this cultish Apple user group because they overpaid for their products but never asked myself WHY they were willing to do so. It was because they knew something I didn’t know then, but I do know now.

If we fast forward to today, you’ll see I’m an Apple fanatic. If there is an Apple cult, I’m one of the leaders. Apple watch? Use it and love it. Macbook Pro? Writing this blog post on it now. Mac Pros & Mac Minis? Yes & Yes! In fact, we’re switching over our entire company to 100% Macs. One of two things is going through your mind if you’re reading this. If you’re an Apple fan, then you’re nodding your head and wishing you had a Mac Pro. On the other hand, if you’re a Microsoft Windows user, you’re thinking that the experience can’t be that much better. Can it? The truth is, switching over from Windows to Mac was a great decision. The only thing I regret is NOT doing it sooner.

I’ll be the first to admit that Apple products aren’t perfect. No technology is perfect. However, they put so much thought into their products that they feel practically perfect. Head and shoulders above anything else I’ve ever used and I doubt we’ll ever go back. In my next post, I’ll share with you what I love about Apple and how Mac computers have helped us get things done faster.

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