Joining the Apple Cult – Part 2

|Joining the Apple Cult – Part 2


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In my last post, I shared about how I recently made the dramatic switch to all Apple products and joined the cult. So what pushed me to go 100% Mac and ditch Windows? You can see my home office set-up in this post’s picture, a Mac Mini with two large monitors. It was my first Mac set-up and was where I learned to use Apple computers. However at my business office, I used a nice Windows system built with upgraded memory. The tipping point for me, was when my daughters’ touchscreen Windows 8 computer and my office Windows machine died, nearly at the same time! In today’s post, I’ll share a few reasons why I’m so glad I switched over to Mac from Windows Computers. 


The Universal Apple Keyboard

I love the fact that all of Apple’s keyboards have the same physical button layout. Remember how you’d get used to typing on one laptop and then replace it with another one? Some of the keys would be moved around and it would take you 3 weeks to get back up to speed and break your old keyboard habits. I love that no matter which system I’m using, the keyboard doesn’t change and it allows me to work quickly on all devices.


Integrated Telephone Communication

When I set up my computers I followed the instructions and connected iCloud. What I didn’t realize is that my new set-up would allow me to answer phone calls and reply to SMS messages right from my computer. The first time I received an SMS message and it popped up on my computer with the option to reply, I was floored! Being able to reply to SMS messages and even answer the phone through my computer is a huge time saver while I’m working! Another plus is using FaceTime from my desktop computer or laptop. Recently, I’ve had a couple long days of work and it was great to talk to my kids and wife on FaceTime!


The Magic Trackpad and Multiple Desktops

When I bought my first Mac Mini, the salesman encouraged me to get the trackpad. I hedged, but decided I’d buy it anyway. It sat on my desk for months before I realized the power of the trackpad. Once I realized that you can create multiple desktop spaces and swipe between them, I was smitten with love. It was like someone with a brain was actually thinking about the best way a computer should be used. Understanding how to use the trackpad and multiple desktops has literally saved me hundreds of hours of work because I’m more proficient.


Security, Usability, and Networking

While I do realize that it is possible to get a virus while working on Mac, it is much less likely as compared to Windows based systems. In twenty months of heavy usage, we’ve had zero security issues with any of our machines. Because Apple builds both the software and the hardware together, we’ve found them to be at least 10 times less buggy and much more user friendly. My wife, who HATES TECHNOLOGY, has shared time and time again how much easier it is for her to use a Mac versus a Windows system. For example, the other day, we had to add a new network printer to two Macs and it took all of two minutes to install and set up. I looked at my wife and said, “Another reason I love Apple!”


Time is Money – Justifying the Expense

Since January of 2008, when I started LMS, I’ve been a heavy computer user. As we started to turn a small profit, I purchased a super duty, gaming system for my business to the tune of $3,000.00. If I remember correctly, it was around September of 2009. This Windows, beast of a system, was unbelievably fast when it worked. However, over the course of the next three years, was out of commission several times due to needing new motherboards, fans, hard drives, and other maintenance. The total downtime for my mega PC was over 4 weeks, plus hundreds of other hours of installing software again. Additionally, there was hundreds of dollars more spent in repair costs.

Over the last 18 months of using my Macs I’ve had ZERO downtime. No hardware, software, or any issues at all. We have pushed them very hard. The fact that they just work reliably makes the added cost of the computers worth it. The value for me is the fact that I can do more in less time and with less headache. So have I just been lucky with my Macs? Maybe, but based upon other users’ experiences, I’d say that my experience is typical. Apple machines just work and I’m glad I made the switch.

What do you love or hate about your current computer set-up. I’d love to hear your thoughts.