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A Quick Word About Our Founder

Matt Law is the president and CEO of Four Step Marketing Consultants, a digital marketing agency in DeLand, Florida.  His story and passion for marketing and business is an example that the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in the USA!

After a devastating business failure in 2007, Matt pursued the world of online marketing. In early 2008, he launched Law Marketing Systems (LMS), an internet marketing agency. Against all odds, and with little capital to start the company, he quickly built the organization into a powerhouse marketing agency, servicing clients all across the USA and Europe.

Due to his success, friends and others asked Matt to train them to be a success as well. In 2009, Matt offered his first online course to train other consultants on how to operate their very own successful marketing businesses. Since that time, Matt has had students from nearly every state in America and some overseas students as well.  The Four Step Marketing process is the backbone of Matt’s success and his discovery of this system has allowed many of Matt’s clients and students to prosper.

As time has moved on, our business has encompassed more than just our original marketing division. In 2012, we became LMS Internet Corporation, which was an umbrella for both FSMC as well as our original marketing company. In 2018, we consolidated all our brands under Four Step Marketing Consultants. Matt lives in Orange City, Florida with his wife Sarah and his two daughters Libby and Mattie.

Matt’s Vision for FSMC & Marketing

Matt’s vision is for FSMC is to inspire consultants with a passion for changing the way the world markets! We believe that GOOD marketing can influence both business and nonprofit organizational growth.

But there is a story to this vision! In 2009, Matt was returning home from a business trip where he’d just delivered two days of consulting. His clients were delighted with the information they’d received and were confident that they’d turn their million dollar business into a multi-million dollar empire.

As Matt drove home that night feeling accomplished but burdened. He knew that the Four Step Marketing process was powerful, but he was troubled by the lack of affordable, results-oriented marketing available to the local church, non-profit organizations, and many small businesses.

Our hope and vision are to teach our consultants the practical side of Four Step Marketing and empower them with the systems, tools, and resources so that they can be successful and profitable. We pray that their overflow of time and financial resources would allow them to serve their local churches and non-profit organizations who are in desperate need of better marketing and communication.

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When’s the Next Training?

Good question! FSMC classes take place several times a year. When you request our free information kit, you’ll be able to see our class schedule, current pricing, and latest changes to our training program. Currently, we have several options for training consultants and we try to tailor each of our training options to your unique situation.

Each training class is strictly limited to the number of attendees we will allow so that we can connect with the group and provide the best experience as you learn about marketing in a more hands-on, intensive way.

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